Our Company

AIM Specialty Materials has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality metals and chemistries since 1936. 

Our Products

AIM Specialty Materials specializes in alloys of indium, tin, lead, bismuth, cadmium, gold and gallium for a wide range of joining applications.

About AIM Specialty Materials

Our Company
AIM Specialty Materials has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality metals and chemistries since 1936. AIM Specialty Materials is ISO 9001:2000 certified with manufacturing, distribution and support facilities located throughout the world.

AIM Specialty Materials's success is a result of our understanding that customers need more than just a quality product. They require service and support every step of the way. We understand the latest applications and trends worldwide. From process troubleshooting to custom-designed products, our customers benefit from the valuable service and technical resources at their disposal.

We invite you to discover the advantages of working with a partner driven by new product development & technology, quality & consistency, and the pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Products
AIM Specialty Materials specializes in alloys of Indium, Tin, Lead, Bismuth, Cadmium, Gold and Gallium for a wide range of joining applications.

These materials come in a variety of forms, including preforms, wire, foil & ribbon, seals, pastes, chemicals and compounds.

An aggressive research and development program ensures that AIM Specialty Materials will continue to be an industry leader. Our innovative technical team is strongly committed to product and process improvement. These efforts remain an essential investment in the future of the company.

AIM Specialty Materials offers one of the most robust support systems in the industry. We offer metallurgical assistance, an extensive inventory, flexibility in metal alloys, quantities and lead times. AIM Specialty Materials offers design, application, and process consultation as value-added services that contribute to the efficiency and profitability of manufacturing processes.

State-of-the-art laboratories are engaged full time in the research and development of new products. Because of this, AIM Specialty Materials can provide technical assistance for specific customer requirements using an in-house team of metallurgists, chemists and mechanical engineers.

Quality Assurance
AIM Specialty Materials is serious in its quest for quality. Our corporate headquarters is certified to ISO 9001:2008. The ISO system involves a wide range of company operations, from management responsibilities to process control, purchasing, training and documentation. AIM Specialty Materials’ commitment to ISO, a globally recognized quality system, ensures our customers of a high level of product consistency and performance reliability.

Solder for Phototonic Packaging

AIM’s full range of specialty joining materials includes indium and gold/tin solders for photonic packaging applications

Solder Fabrications

AIM’s Specialty solder products are available in a variety of alloys with melting temperatures from 10°C to 400°C

Indium Seals

Due to its softness, indium is considered an ideal material to create a compression seal

Compounds & Chemicals

AIM is a supplier of Indium compounds and chemicals used in a wide array of industries

Fusible Alloys

AIM is a leading supplier of fusible alloys for a broad range of Tool & Die applications

Sputtering Targets

Sputtering targets are used to produce thin films of metals or compounds

Solder Test Kits

AIM offers a broad range of solders to fulfill your most challenging component packaging applications