Our Company

AIM Specialty Materials has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality metals and chemistries since 1936. 

Our Products

AIM Specialty Materials specializes in alloys of indium, tin, lead, bismuth, cadmium, gold and gallium for a wide range of joining applications.

Sputtering Targets

Sputtering targets are used to produce thin films of metals or compounds. A source material is bombarded with plasma ions that dislodge atoms from the surface of the target. The ejected atoms then deposit atop a substrate to form a film coating that is several atomic layers thick.

The flat panel display industry, as well as all other coating industries, requires a material which is conductive and transparent. Indium, when sputtered or evaporated, exhibits such properties and is an excellent material for meeting those requirements. AIM can provide Indium and Indium/Tin products in both a sputtering target form or as an evaporation source.

Another requirement of the targeting industry is the ability to bond a target material to a backing plate prior to the sputtering process. Indium’s unique properties lend itself to be an excellent bonding glue for this application. AIM offers pure Indium in bar form for your convenience.

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Solder for Phototonic Packaging

AIM’s full range of specialty joining materials includes indium and gold/tin solders for photonic packaging applications

Solder Fabrications

AIM’s Specialty solder products are available in a variety of alloys with melting temperatures from 10°C to 400°C

Indium Seals

Due to its softness, indium is considered an ideal material to create a compression seal

Compounds & Chemicals

AIM is a supplier of Indium compounds and chemicals used in a wide array of industries

Fusible Alloys

AIM is a leading supplier of fusible alloys for a broad range of Tool & Die applications

Sputtering Targets

Sputtering targets are used to produce thin films of metals or compounds

Solder Test Kits

AIM offers a broad range of solders to fulfill your most challenging component packaging applications