AIM Specialty Solder Solutions
  • AIM Specialty manufactures solder preforms in all standard and custom alloys, including pure indium, indium alloys, gold-tin, and lead-free alloys. AIM can produce solder preforms in any size/shape, including washers, rectangles, discs, frames, and complex shapes with multiple cut-outs. 

  • AIM is a global leader in the fabrication, supply & recycling of pure indium and indium based products. AIM provides indium consumers with manufacturing, supply, and technical support via our manufacturing sites in the USA, UK, Poland and China.

  • Indium is the ultimate thermal management material. It offers exceptional ductility and superior heat dissipation. AIM offers indium as a thermal interface material in various forms including indium wire, custom fabricated indium preforms, and indium foil.

  • AIM Specialty manufactures Gold-Tin solders for soldering to gold surfaces. AIM’s Au80/Sn20 alloy is composed of 80% gold and 20% tin. Au80/Sn20 is a eutectic alloy with a melting point of 280°C (536°F). AIM offers Au/Sn material in various forms including paste and powder, wire, custom fabricated preforms and foils, bar, ingot & anode forms.

  • AIM’s pure indium, Indium-tin metal and Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) are used for sputtering and evaporation of metallic layers of indium as well as transparent conductive layers of ITO (indium tin oxide). Our thin film materials are used in the production of ITO transparent conductors for LCD’s, OLED’s, Electrochromics, and touch screens.

  • AIM’s low melt point alloys are used in the aerospace, lens fabrication, safety fuse, electronic and tool/die industries. AIM manufactures fusible alloys with melt points anywhere between 10.7C and 138C.