Indium Thermal Interface Materials & Preforms

Pure indium foils make excellent thermal interface materials for chip to lid, lid to heatsink, device to board, and temporary TIM’s for testing applications. 


Indium imparts it’s unique properties in many indium solder alloy compositions.  Key properties are:

  • High Thermal Conductivity: >80W/m-k (bulk material)
  • High Ductility: Indium can absorb CTE mismatch between semiconductors & package lids/heat sinks
  • Compliant:  Indium fills gaps and will wet to metallic and non-metallic surfaces
Available forms from AIM:

> Indium TIM’s:  Standard and custom shapes to fit any package.
> Indium Foils:  Any width/length/thickness for R&D and pilot scale production.
> Indium Alloys: Standard and custom alloys for use as solder-TIM’s