Solder Preforms

AIM is a leader in the production of solder preforms for the global electronic, semiconductor, photonic & automotive industries. AIM works with engineers to assess your materials and process constraints to help find the best solder preforms for any solder assembly step. 


  • Precision/Consistency: AIM’s precision solder preforms improve process yields via delivering a precise volume of solder to each solder connection. 
  • Forms: AIM can produce solder preforms in any size/shape, including washers, rectangles, discs, frames, and complex shapes with multiple cut-outs.
  • Temperatures:  AIM manufactures preforms from a wide range of alloys allowing for reflow temperatures from 10.7°C up to 356°C
  • Wide Range of Alloy Compositions: In addition to standard SnPb and lead free alloys AIM specializes in the production of eutectic gold-tin (80Au20Sn), Indium, indium alloy, and bismuth alloy solder preforms
  • PCB’s: Increase solder volume/fillets on PCB through-holes
  • Thermal interface: Chip-to-lid / lid-to-heat sink 
Preforms available from AIM:
> Bulk Packaging
> Tape & Reel
> Waffle Pack
> and Custom Packages