Indium Alloys & Solders

Indium alloy solders enable assembly of semiconductor, photonic and microwave packages/devices.


Indium imparts it’s unique properties in many indium solder alloy compositions.  Key properties are:

  • Ductility: Indium solders are very soft/ductile and can absorb physical and thermal stresses in solder joints, allowing for the joining of materials with dissimilar CTE’s & allowing for increased fatigue life.
  • Low Scavenging: Indium rich solders have lower rates of precious metal scavenging reducing the formation of brittle gold intermetallics.
  • Low Temperature:  Indium solders allow for step soldering at incrementally lower temperatures, allowing for secondary solder steps without damaging board components assembled with standard lead free solders.
Indium Forms available from AIM:

> Indium Solder Preforms & Foils: Any size/shape/thickness

> Wires:  Any diameter from 0.25mm and greater

> Bar: Pure indium and indium alloys

> Paste & Powder: Indium and indium alloys