Fusible/Low Melting Temperature Alloys

AIM’s low melt point alloys are used in the aerospace, lens fabrication, safety fuse, electronic and tool/die industries.  AIM manufactures fusible alloys with melt points anywhere between 10.7°C and 138°C. 

Some of the more common fusible alloys we manufacture include the following:

Alloy Melt Point (F) Melt Point (C) Density lb./in-3 Common Uses


117 47 0.3307 Lens blocking, fixturing, safety fuses


136 58 0.3253 Lens blocking, fixturing, safety fuses


141 60 0.2786 Lens blocking, low temp solder


281 138 0.309

Turbine blade encapsulation, safety fuses


These fusible alloys are not consumed in the processes where they are used & can be reused multiple times. 

  • Recyclable: At end of life, AIM can recycle your used alloys
Available forms from AIM:
> These fusible alloys are available in standard bars (~ 1.5 to 3 lbs) as well as customer specified bar shapes & specific bar weights  
> These alloys are also available as wires in any diameter from .040” and greater 
> AIM can furnish other fusible alloy compositions to meet your unique requirements, please contact us for more information




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