Solder Foil & Solder Ribbon

AIM Specialty manufactures solder foil and solder ribbon in a range of pure metals and alloys with melting points ranging from 60°C to 300°C. AIM Specialty also offers high purity indium foils in any width, length, and thickness for R&D and pilot scale production. AIM’s precision solder foil manufacturing can customize the manufacture of these foils to meet your specific requirements.    


  • Precision/Consistency: Any width, from 0.100" and up. Precise/uniform thickness, from 0.001" and up. Available in any length (spooled) or pre-cut sheets.  
  • Forms: Standard thickness can be from 0.001” and greater; widths of 0.100” and greater are available.  
  • Order Quantity: AIM can accommodate any quantity, from research levels to high volumes.
  • Temperatures:  AIM manufactures solder foil and ribbon from a wide range of alloys with melting points ranging from 60°C to 300°C.
  • Wide Range of Alloy Compositions: In addition to high purity metals and lead free alloys AIM specializes in the production of eutectic gold-tin (80Au20Sn), Indium, indium alloy, cadmium and bismuth alloy solder foil and ribbon.
Solder Foil and Solder Ribbon available from AIM:
Pure indium and indium alloys (InSn, InAg, InPb, InSnPb) 
Gold-Tin: Eutectic 80Au20Sn and eutectic 90Sn10Au 
Lead Free Alloys: REL22, SN100C, SAC alloys, SnAg, BiSn 
Custom low temperature alloys of Bi, Sn, In, Pb and Cd
* AIM can supply these ribbons and foils as flat sheets or on spools of any length