Sputtering Targets & Thin Film Materials

AIM’s pure indium, Indium-tin metal and Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) are used for sputtering and evaporation of metallic layers of indium as well as transparent conductive layers of ITO (indium tin oxide).  Our thin film materials are used in the production of ITO transparent conductors for LCD’s, OLED’s, Electrochromics, and touch screens.


AIM’s indium and ITO targets enable the production of high quality thin films due to several key attributes:

Ceramic ITO:
  • High density: Density of >7.1grams/cm-3 allow for high deposition rates coupled with low defects due to decreased nodule nucleation.
  • Uniform composition:  Our sinter production produces highly homogenous ITO allowing for sputtering of uniform ITO films across wide areas.
  • Recyclable:  AIM recycles all scrap/spent ITO tiles
Metallic Indium & InSn Targets:
  • Our metallic target production methods deliver indium and Indium-tin targets with fine grain structure allowing higher deposition rates across wide areas on both PET & glass substrates
  • Available as bonded assemblies and cast directly onto backing plates
Available forms from AIM:

Ceramic ITO:
> 90/10 & 95/5 ratios
> Planar and rotatable formats

Metallic indium & Indium-Tin
> Pure Indium, Indium-Tin (any ratio)
>  Planar and rotatable formats

Evaporation Material:
> ITO evaporation pieces/pellets
> Indium and Indium-tin shot & pellets
> Shaped evaporation charges for standard & custom evaporation boats