AIM is a global leader in the fabrication, supply & recycling of pure indium and indium based products.

What is Indium: Unique physical properties enabling next generation technologies


Relative to other electronic metals, Indium has several properties that make indium a key building block of current and future electronic technologies.  Some of those properties are:

  • High Thermal Conductivity: >80W/m-k
  • High Ductility: Indium remains soft/malleable even at cryogenic temperatures
  • Low Temperature:  Indium Melts at 156.6oC.  Indium alloys have melt points from 10.7oC to >200oC
  • Cold welding:  Pure unoxidized indium will wet to glasses, ceramics & other metals.
  • High Electron Mobility: Indium based III-V compound semiconductors, such as InP
  • Transparent Thin Films: Indium Tin Oxide transparent conductors enable LCD’s and touch screens
Indium Forms available from AIM:

> Ingot: Bar sizes from 500 gram to 10kg
> Shot
> Solders
> Wire
> Preforms & Foil/sheets
> Thermal Interface Materials
> Fusible Alloys
> Powders
> Sputter Targets (ITO & InSn metal)
> Chemicals & Compounds